Uplifting lives.
Driving value.

Skyward Health is the leading health home in
New York State. We partner with community
based care management agencies to dramatically
improve care coordination and change
lives for the better.

Care Coordination
is Complex.
We Make it Simple.

Medicaid patients with chronic conditions, mental health
challenges and other special care needs deserve a champion.
A trusted guide that will help them navigate the complex
healthcare system and advocate for their best interests every
step of the way.

Skyward Health partners with leading care management
agencies across New York State to be that champion. Our
comprehensive health home services help members receive
the care, support services and guidance they need to live
healthier, happier lives.

CHOICE of New Rochelle

“Choice is always there for me. The organization has helped with so many different parts of my life and I’m grateful for it. They do their best to help me with every request I have.”


“Since enrolling in care management at Jawonio I have had more trust in people and more happiness in my life. My Jawonio care manager is always there for me and always does what she says she will do.”

Brightpoint Care

“My Care Manager is amazing and a wonderful woman, I love her. I have so many good things to say about her, she is very kind. She has been there for me, and I can talk to her anytime.”

MHA Rockland

“Thank you for being a beacon of light in my world that any times feels so dark and alone.  Thank you for showing me how much hope there is for a better future.”

Bythedale Childrens Hospital

“I used to worry about booking appointments and transportation, but now I can ask them for help and I feel supported. They have the knowledge that I don’t, the  Health Home has made my job as Bentley’s mom a lot easier.”

Sayville Project

“My dealings with my Case Manager has restored my faith in programs that are designed to help people succeed with disabilities. They give a voice to the voiceless without fear.”

Richard C – CHN CMA

“I had sought services from quite a few other places and it wasn’t until I met Care Manager Maureen and got enrolled in Health Homes that my life took a turn for the better.”


Malcolm - CAMBA CMA

“Thankfully help is out there, there are networks of people who care. Health Homes program connected me… I’m finally getting there.”


Full-Circle Health
Home Services

Skyward Health works with partner agencies to bring the
“whole-person” vision of healthcare to life. That means
ensuring members receive care and support services
that address the full scope of physical, emotional,
psychological and social needs.

For our care management agency partners, that means
providing support for every level of your organization.
From billing and quality oversight to staff training, technical
assistance, strategic support and beyond.

Partnering with Care Management Agenices & Managed Care Organizations Across New York State.
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Having the right health home partner can make all the
difference. Contact Skyward Health today to learn how
we can help you operate more efficiently and continue
delivering life-changing services.