The Sky is the Limit

Your mission is to uplift your members and help them live healthier,
happier lives. Skyward Health provides the expertise, resources and support
to reach even higher.

Expand Your Vision of
What’s Possible in
Care Management

Skyward Health provides an unmatched combination of
experience, geographical reach, personalized resources
and in-depth data insights for Care Management Agencies.
Together, we can further our mission to transform lives
for the better.

Forging a New Path
Through Experience
10+ years at the forefront

Our leadership team has been on the front lines of Health
Home services since the inception of the program. We’re
using that hard-won knowledge and experience to create a
better, newer, more impactful version of the Health Home.

FQHC experience

All of our leaders come from a Federally Qualified Health
Center background. We understand the unique challenges,
quality standards and community focus that define FQHCs,
and we share the same values of dedication and service.

More Resources,
More Personalized Services
Dedicated staff for your agency

When you partner with Skyward Health, you will work with the same service team day in and day out. Our team understands the unique needs and challenges of our partner agencies and the areas they serve.

Better continuity of care

Our extensive network allows us to place members with
agencies that closely align with their needs. This includes
transferring members to new agencies when they move
and maintaining continuity of service for children when
they age out of the youth program.

Data Insights That
Transform Care
Track and optimize what matters

Our data collection & analysis is unmatched. Track
and optimize health outcomes, identify gaps in care
and illuminate key trends and organizational
opportunities. With Skyward Health, you’ll have deeper insight
into how to improve care coordination than ever before.

Dedicated Business Operations Team

Our Business Operations Team provides valuable billing oversight, data collection & analysis. Whatever you need to run a more efficient agency, we provide it.

Learn How Skyward Health Can Help
Your Community Based Organization

Learn more about how Skyward Health’s care coordination can help you help the people you serve.