Open Up a Whole New
World of Possibilities for
Your Members

What could more personalized services, more choice and stronger
data insights mean for your agency?

Bringing Whole Person Health Into Focus

Partnering with Skyward Health means having more resources at your
disposal. It means having access to cutting-edge solutions that are
customized to the needs of your agency and your members.

More than anything, it means having a dedicated team who will do
whatever it takes to support your mission to transform lives for
the better.

For Agencies

Our goal is to help you create even more positive outcomes for your members.

Core mission support

Helping you in your everyday mission to uplift lives.

Innovative data collection & analysis for more actionable insights
Personalized support & technical assistance
Region-specific expertise and knowledge
Intuitive IT platform with individual support
“Partnership” model with shared decision making & consultation
Timely information and updates per live and written regular communication
Referrals from Managed Care Organizations and community partners
Strong and effective relationships with Managed Care Organizations
Potential to facilitate partnerships and increase payments for positive outcomes
Operational support

Lower your administrative burden and achieve new levels of
efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Billing support & management to help partners maximize revenue
Quality oversight
Recorded and live training opportunities tailored to our network
Provide tools and systems that assist with improving outcomes
Advocacy & systemic change

Ensure your voice is heard.

Legislative advocacy - individually and through our FQHC parent company, our relationships with the state policy makers benefit the Skyward Health network
Active participation in state workgroups (via sub-committee chairs and board seats) ensure the needs of our network are heard
For Members

The end goal of everything we do is to help members live happier, healthier lives. It starts
with healthcare coordination, but it touches every area of life. That is the true meaning of “whole person health.” If you are a prospective member, here are a few of the key services and benefits you will receive.

Skyward Health Community Referral

Coordinating care between all providers
Help applying for entitlements like SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
Care conferencing with doctors and other members of the care team
Assistance with applying for home health aides
Appointment reminders & accompaniment to appointments
Help getting & understanding medications
Referral to community & social support services
Transportation support & visit planning
Referrals for emergency food resources
Assistance & support with completing housing applications including supportive housing
Education on how to navigate health & social services
Help with maximizing health insurance benefits
The Best Partner for
Managed Care

Our size, experience and FQHC history make Skyward Health your best partner. We work with downstream providers for your members, driving value. We understand the systems and services. Partnering with Skyward Health will improve outcomes and lower costs.

Become a Member of Skyward Health

Find out if you, your loved one or client qualify for Skyward Health’s services by calling 888-980-8410. Skyward health members must have active Medicaid and need assistance managing chronic health conditions.

Click on this link for our easy online application.